UPCOMING: Projects:  October 16, 2017: Students will begin working on personal projects related to science and social studies. We have started gathering materials and are thinking about topics.

Community Outreach: September, 2017: Students have been helping with a series of meetings doing various tasks. Most notable among these things is that the sixth-grade girls have taken major responsibility in the Cradle Roll Department, doing much of the work that needs to be done there. Special kudos go to them! In connection with these meetings, many students have been attending the "Astronaut Training Program" emphasizing information about the solar system and space as well as preparedness for Jesus' Second Coming [1 Thess. 4:16-17]. Thank you also for reading a scripture passage publically for the adult meetings.

Oklahoma City Fair Day: September 19, 2017: Students attended the Oklahoma City Fair, particularly the educational aspects of it. Highlights included watching native Oklahoman pioneer skills of various types, science activities, and petting deer, wallabies, a zebu, and various other unusual animals!

Skills for Success: August-September, 2017: Students have been studying various skills for success in life, including goal-setting and planning skills, skills to improve grit, emphasis on faithful attention to detail and intense focus, and many other things. There is also an emphasis on thinking and problem-solving skills, including skills related to CBT.

Bike-a-Thon: September 10, 2017: The students enthusiastically showed up with bikes and scooters to raise money for school projects! They covered more than 220 miles and had a blast doing it! Some parents also rode bikes or walked. There were even several babies who were pushed in strollers around the route! Now that's what we call TOTAL participation!

Picnic: September 10, 2017: Parents put on a wonderful picnic lunch for students and other bike-a-thon participants. Thank you, parents! Vegeburgers were provided by the Rodney Phillips and his wife. He is the one who was built our school building!

Students Make a Significant Contribution: August, 2017: Students made a significant contribution to preparing the school for the start of classes. They did many cleaning and organizing jobs, from vacuuming, to mopping, to organizing equipment, to cleaning windows, and the list goes on. Even the youngest students there helped move many, many chairs back and forth to accommodate power-wash cleaning! Their help really made a difference, and we are proud of them!
Air Ambulance Helicopter Fly-in/Landing
: Tuesday, April 4,  2017, 1:00 p.m. the air ambulance service landed on our grounds at 154 Beaver Academy Road!  The crew presented a wonderful educational segment and students were involved in related activities.  It was an amazing presentation of a most important service to our community!

Bells Play for Church Dedication: The Chime-Bell choir played, twice for the Canadian Yukon Church dedication,
April 1.  They did a superb job and many people commented on how much they enjoyed it. 

Ardmore Adventist Academy Passes Major School Evaluation with Flying Colors!  We recently had a team of supervisors and teachers from the Union and Oklahoma evaluate our the school. This was after a local evaluation of hundreds of items, rating everything from the academic program, to the resources for students, to the building itself, and many other areas. Every school within the Oklahoma Conference has to undergo this type of evaluation every few years. We received an extremely high rating. Thanks to one and all who helped with the evaluation!

At the Meyerson in Dallas: One of our students performed with the Southwestern Adventist University Music Festival Choir at the Meyerson Symphony Concert Hall in Dallas on February 26!  It was a wonderful concert!

Veggie's Restaurant: Students made banana bread with the cook who is known city-wide for her very appealing Veggie's Restaurant!  They then took the bread around the neighborhood and gave it away as a service to the community.

Pajama Day February 27 was Pajama Day. Because of the late night at the concert in Dallas, we had a Pajama Day. Students were treated to a pancake feed at the school. They then worked on various science projects including a wave machine and vibrating reed instruments.  Other activities included English DOL punctuation, capitalization, grammar using a projector/whiteboard combination, three-part math inequalities for fifth grade, keyboarding for first grade, etc. The day ended with a NEST entertainment DVD on Hellen Keller.

Missionary Day was February 21. Students came dressed as missionaries of various types. The students have raised money to buy goats for Africa to help poor families there find a way to make a living, so they are excited about missions that help serve our global community!
Inventors' Day: Students brought in inventions and dressed as famous inventors.  It was a great day to think about what needs to be invented.

Space/NASA Day is coming up. 

Music Performances: Students will be going to perform at church next weekend. They are also scheduled to perform at Arbuckle soon.

Sewing Classes: Students are taking sewing lessons as part of a practical arts program geared to help them prepare for their future life as adults. Students made bags and other things, such as sewn dolls and doll clothes, repairing shoes, pillows, blouses, etc

Research and Report: Students are busy researching and writing reports on various topics.  They are excited and happy. Some of the topics include the scientific aspects of sleep, body language communication, animal science, The natural history of Hawaii, etc.