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This year we will focus especially on the following types of education:

  1. Mastery learning of the most important materials
  2. Enrichment and student choice of supplemental materials and methods
  3. Brain training in how to think deeply, study intelligently and decide wisely
  4. Character training, including:
    • Bible memory work
    • Methods of finding truth
    • A relationship with God through surrender and trust in Him
    • Service and mission opportunities
  5. Work habits training, including
    • Learning to set priorities, plan and prepare
    • Efficiency training
    • Practice and coaching techniques
    • Training for carefulness and thoroughness
    • Techniques to control focus and attention
    • Methods to maximize effort
    • How to persevere and encourage one's self

This curriculum is very strong and not many schools specialize in this.  

We should have a great school year!






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